Khurram Ikhlaq Munjj

Power looms industry is one of the top foreign exchange earning industry of Pakistan through providing the bigger portion of Gray cloth for exports. This industry is facing a severe crisis since last one decade. Day by day reduction in export of Textiles and increase in cost of production are the major factors of this crisis. Power looms industry is mostly consist of old and smaller width Conventional looms which cannot produce cloth on international standards. This sector needs a special relief package from the government to reduce its input costs including Electricity & Sui Gas and up-gradation of Conventional looms into Shuttle less and Air Jet looms. As we may be able to compete the international markets. Join hands with your Association and be a helpful member to pull this industry out of crisis.


Malik Tahir Majeed

In the decade of fifties the power loom . With the passage of time this industry spread over two hundred seventy five thousand power looms. Now this sector is consist of three types of looms i.e. Shuttle less Looms, Auto Looms & Conventional Power Looms. The largest portion of power looms is established in Faisalabad division which is also called the Manchester of Pakistan. More than one hundred seventy five thousand power looms are installed in this division and the balance are installed in Jhang, Hafizabad, Toba Take Singh, Multan, Jalalpur Jattan, Kasur, Lahore, Rahim Yar Khan, Tandu Adam, Hyderabad, Kamalia, Khushab, Karachi and Khyber Agency. Which are providing different size & type of cloth for export and country needs. Power looms industry is the key of other textile sectors. It is largest purchaser of Yarn from spinning mills and biggest source of supplying raw-materials to the Sizing, Processing and Garments industries.